Our first week at the hospital was much less eventful than our first week in Accra. I continued to work in physio-therapy and also sat with a doctor in the out patient department. There I saw many children with coughs and colds, some who were suffering from asthma, and others who were concerned about TB. Overall it was an uneventful week but we all decided that it was nice to settle into a routine as it makes time go much faster. We arrive to the hospital at the same time every day, meet for lunch and catch a cab home. We spent time at the beach one afternoon and took a ridiculously long cab ride home. It took us 20 minutes to get to the beach but on the way home we spent 2 hours in the cab, taking weird back roads and getting stuck in horrible traffic. That was awful! We learned that it is nearly impossible to get anywhere in Accra around 5-7 pm so we have been scheduling our outings at better times so we can get home in a reasonable amount of time.

This weekend we traveled back to Cape Coast. We took a bus to get there and it cost 25 ghc. We rented a couple hotel rooms at 80 ghc per room per night and were very nervous to see what they looked like. Fortunately they were pretty spacious and were very clean so we lucked out! The hotel was located near the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital so I knew the area very well. We spent time at Oasis where I got to see all the friends I made while I was there along with Patty and Riya who are doing the Cape Coast CFHI program. I also showed everyone the markets where we bought some souvenirs for family and friends. We returned to Accra that Sunday, so it was a quick trip but so worth it!

The night we got back, Danielle’s friend graciously offered to serve us dinner. They did not live in Accra, but in a smaller town called Tema. It took us about an hour to get there and when we did we were offered an incredible home cooked meal. The family was very nice and surprisingly they offered to drive us all the way back to the house! We could not have been more grateful. They told us to come over whenever we wanted and we might just return again!

We started our next week of work and we are all hoping it goes as smoothly as the last one. I cannot believe I only have 11 days left!


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