We had a sad trip to Accra to see Dana off. It is amazing how being placed in a situation such as this fosters such deep relationships in such a short amount of time. Even after spending only 2 weeks with Dana we will all share a bond that is impossible to replace. The trip took a total of 9 long hours due to the intense traffic around Accra, but we made it back in time to enjoy another Friday night at Oasis.

The hospital this past week was leaps and bounds better than my first week. I spent the majority of it in the ob/gyn ward again and got to sit in with one of the doctors doing OPD (out patient department). I very much enjoyed that day because the consulting was interesting and moved quite quickly. It was set up in a small examination room with a desk and a patient table. Two doctors sat at the desk and two patients at a time would come into the room and consult with their doctor. There were so many cases! The room was also very crowded with all of us in it. We are very fortunate because the ob/gyn doctors are very good at explaining what is happening and including us in conversation with patients. I’m looking forward to another week in ob/gyn and the delivery suite.

I am not sure if I have actually acclimated to the climate here in Cape Coast or if the rainy season is here. I felt cold for the first time this week! I was absolutely shocked. It probably has more to do with the fact that it rains almost every day and the clouds cover the blistering sun, but I am thankful. On Thursday after work we got to go to a beautiful resort with a swimming pool. It felt great to cool off but afterwards we were all freezing. Because the pool was out of town about 20 minutes we had to walk down a very dark road through a village to look for a taxi or a trotro. We are very lucky that our coordinators were with us because they were able to find 2 taxis to take us back home, even in the dark. Today, Sunday, we were able to start off with a relaxing morning and then go to get lunch in town and return to Kakum National Park so that CJ (our new participant) and our two friends Mila and Brittany could do the canopy walk. Afterwards we stopped at another tourist attraction where we pet a crocodile! It was very scary, but they say that they are well fed so they don’t bite. We all made it out alive thankfully.

I am enjoying my time here very much and I cannot believe it has already been two weeks and I have less than two weeks left in this beautiful town. I am looking forward to continuing my journey, however it will be very sad to say goodbye to my home for all of June. I am hoping to enjoy my 6 weeks left away from home and continue to learn and absorb as much as I can. I love the culture and people!


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